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Daryl Morey Roasts Bill Simmons For Saying The Warriors Are Not A Dynasty: "Only Someone From Boston Would Not Call It A Dynasty..."

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The Golden State Warriors have won their 4th championship this year, with Stephen Curry being the Finals MVP. There's no doubt that they have solidified themselves as one of the most successful dynasties in modern basketball.

Despite the fact that they have four titles, it seems as though some people don't classify them as a dynasty. NBA analyst Bill Simmons is seemingly one of those people, claiming that the "word gets thrown around too liberally".

I personally don’t think GSW’s 4 titles in 8 years qualifies yet — which is how I felt about the 1999-2007 Spurs too. 

Philadelphia 76ers GM Daryl Morey has recently roasted Bill Simmons for that take, claiming that "only someone from Boston" would refuse to call the Warriors a dynasty, while also jokingly asking if Bill Simmons was auditioning for Stephen A. Smith's role on talk show First Take.

Only someone from Boston would not call it a dynasty...are you auditioning for sas role on first take?

While everyone has their own criteria for what the word dynasty means, the Golden State Warriors' four championships should definitely put them in that conversation. There's no doubt that the Golden State Warriors have had sustained success over the years.

The Warriors won the championship this year, and it seems as though they might not be done quite yet. They have a lot of young talented players waiting in the wings. Jordan Poole was one of those players, and he was a big contributor to the Warriors' championship this season. Stephen Curry himself has previously admitted that the Golden State Warriors have a lot left in the tank.

Hopefully, we see the Golden State Warriors celebrate this win to the fullest. This is a fantastic accomplishment for a team that has missed the playoffs during the last two seasons, and perhaps we'll see them in the Finals again next year.