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Daryl Morey Says 3-Pointers Should Be Worth 2.5 Points: "I Expect That To Happen."

Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Daryl Morey has had a strong position against the 3-pointer in recent times and he recently doubled down on those comments, suggesting a little change that will affect the value of 3-pointers and will make the competition fairer, according to the Philadelphia 76ers president of basketball operations.

Morey was the architect of a team that lived and die by the 3 and now his stance on the most important shot in the league has changed. During a recent appearance on the podcast "The Rights to Ricky Sanchez," the former Houston Rockets GM expressed his true feelings on this matter, suggesting the 3-pointers should worth 2.5 points instead of 3.


"We have two of the elite — out of maybe like seven in the NBA — people inside the three-point arc," Morey said. "If you have Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, and even Tobias [Harris] who's an elite sort of 15-foot-and-in player, you know, you can still win that way, but it's just so rare.

"There's so many more people who can shoot threes wide open than there are who can be efficient 15 feet and in. So... it's just too big of a bonus, right? You wanted the three pointer so people would have to space the floor and get more dynamic play, which has worked, but they just gave it too much, you know. It should be two-and-a-half (points), I mean that's really the bottom line."

Not only he proposed this but also said that the league should increase the distance for corner 3-pointers given the advantage those thots have over others.

"I expect that to happen," Morey said. " ... A corner three is basically the same as getting a rim shot, a medium-guarded rim shot, which is sort of insane when you factor in fouls and everything else. So yeah, it's too big of a positive.

"I mean, I would be fine if we could reconstruct arenas, having the court be wider, push the line back and keep the corner three. Well, it's just you'd have to change out arenas and ... I mean, it would take like 25 years."

This is an interesting suggestion but it seems unlikely that the league will actually change that. Morey put together a team with a lot of 3-point shooting this season and Joel Embiid is a very capable 3-point-shooter, too. Still, Morey doesn't like the advantage this shot has over the rest of the plays in the association but it is what it is.

After Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson changed the way the game is played, everybody wants to become a shooter and that has added more entertainment to the game. Yet, not everybody is convinced this is the right way.