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Daryl Morey Says Mavericks Are "One Of The Best Teams In The NBA"



After a 13-6 start to the season, which included a win over the first-seeded Lakers, the Dallas Mavericks are certainly looking like a team to fear in the Western Conference.

With people hopping on the Dallas bandwagon left and right, Rockets GM Daryl Morey was just the latest to offer some high praise towards his Texas rival.

Of course, the Rockets got to see first-hand just how good the Mavs are this year. In a November showdown, Houston got romped 137-123 at home as Luka and Kristaps combined for 64 points.

A promising offseason gave a lot of Dallas fans hope to enter the season. Before this year, they were in the midst of a long string of mediocre performances. It's safe to say that the team has overwhelmingly exceeded everyone's expectations. Luka Doncic is breaking records and has been an early-season MVP candidate. Kristaps Porzingis looks great after a full season of ACL recovery. Their cast of role-players has stepped up and done their jobs to provide quality support around the star core.

Everything is coming together for them. And when one of the best GMs in the league goes public with praise about one of his inter-divisional rivals, you know that organization has to be doing something right.