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Daryl Morey Seemingly Responds To LeBron James Criticizing The Play-In Tournament: "I Can't Believe The NBA Hastily Implemented A Change That Makes Games More Interesting And Meaningful"

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

Daryl Morey appears to have responded to LeBron James and his criticism for the upcoming play-in tournament. The King isn't a fan of the tournament now that the Lakers are 7th in the Western Conference but one year ago, he supported the idea for teams to not go straight to the playoffs and play to see which squad was more deserving of the berth. 

"It doesn't matter at the end of the day if I'm not 100 percent, close to 100 percent, it (doesn't) matter where we land. That's my mindset," LeBron told reporters after the Lakers lost to the Raptors, 121-114. "If it happens that we end up at sixth or fifth or whatever the case may be, or if we end up in the playoff, whatever that . . . thing is — whoever came up with that s— needs to be fired, but whatever."

These words sparked a lot of reactions around the league and Morey appears to be one of those who heard what LeBron had to say. He took to social media and expressed his excitement about the play-in tournament, saying that the games will be more entertaining and meaningful now. 

"I can't believe the NBA hastily implemented a change that makes games more interesting and meaningful," he tweeted with an animated gif of The Big Lebowski that read "this aggression will not stand, man."

In case you don't know, Morey and LeBron have exchanged some jabs since the then Houston Rockets general manager attacked China in 2019. That created a lot of issues for the NBA and James was one of those who fired back at Morey for talking about something 'he wasn't educated on'

The back and forth continued after that and it doesn't seem like Morey is forgetting any of that. Just when Bron showed his disagreement with the play-in tournament, he showed his excitement to see what is going to happen with all these teams trying to make it to the big party.