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Dave McMenamin Says That The Los Angeles Lakers Have Signaled That Andre Drummond Is A Part Of Their Future Plans

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andre drummond

Andre Drummond is a former All-Star who has been a midseason addition to the Los Angeles Lakers. Drummond has been a double-double machine for the majority of his career, as one of the focal points of his team. On the Los Angeles Lakers, Andre Drummond has taken a smaller role compared to his prior destinations. He is averaging close to a double-double with 9.5 PPG and 10.5 RPG, despite having lower minutes in the playoffs.

Dave McMenamin has recently said that Los Angeles Lakers view Andre Drummond as more than just a half-season rental. McMenamin went on an episode of The Lowe Post and suggested that the franchise's decision to start Drummond is a signal that he will be a part of the Lakers' future plans next season. (42:20)

They have been so committed to him being the ceremonial starter. And obviously he gets more than just ceremonial minutes. That seems to be something that is important to Drummond, which makes it important to the Lakers' front office because they have signaled to everyone listening, 'This isn't just a half a season buyout market rental. Andre Drummond is part of the future moving forward with this franchise.'

Andre Drummond may have less of a role on the Los Angeles Lakers, but he is on a roster that gives him a genuine chance to win a championship when healthy. The Los Angeles Lakers have a lot of decisions to make in free agency this offseason, and perhaps they will find a way to keep Andre Drummond on the team.