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David Aldridge Says Former NBA Commissioner David Stern Used To "Cuss Him Out" When He Published A Story He Didn't Like

David Stern

The world of sports journalism can often be unforgiving. Speaking out against players or teams directs a lot of hate and criticism towards the writers.

In rare cases, it can even cost them their jobs.

In the MLB, journalist Ken Rosenthal was recently let go for being critical of league Commissioner Rob Manfred and it has gotten widespread attention around the country.

In response, one of the NBA's most notorious analysts/reporters, David Aldridge, revealed his own experience with an angry commissioner. As he explained on Twitter, the late David Stern used to call and cuss him out whenever Aldridge said or wrote something critical of him. Fortunately, Stern had the decency not to call for the man's job.

I worked for Turner Sports, which operated NBA TV & in partnership w/the league, for 14 years. You know what David Stern did when I wrote or said something he didn’t like? He called me up and cussed me out. But he didn’t go to my bosses & try to fire me.

Stern dealt with numerous controversies in his day, but he was widely respected and revered by players, fans, and executives. One of his defining attributes was how real and honest he was throughout his tenure as Commissioner.

Shaquille O'Neal recently shared a story of the time he went into Stern's office to complain about the Hack-A-Shaq strategy many teams were employing at the time.

“The thing I loved about David Stern was that he was real. So, we go into his office one day because I’m at the end and I’m letting him know ‘Mr. Stern, next time someone Hack-a-Shaqs me, I don’t mind taking 15, 20 games,'” O’Neal said. "Shaq, you’re over here complaining about fouling? I’ve got 28 teams complaining about you."

Stern passed in 2020, but his career and legacy will live on forever. He set the precedent for many of the NBA's standards today.

Regarding the state of sports journalism, it's nice to know that NBA writers are free to speak their minds on certain people and issues around the association. Let's hope it stays that way.