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David Griffin Says Zion Williamson Is 'Still Growing'



Despite having yet to play a single NBA game, Zion Williamson has become one of basketball's biggest names. His size, skillset, and magnetic personality have already earned him fame and fortune.

Part of his identity is how noticeable build. Zion is quick and athletic, but also big. Coming in at an unprecedented 285 pounds at 6'7", the dude has defied all logic.

But in a revelation by Pelicans Executive Vice-President David Griffin, the big man is getting even bigger. According to him, Williamson is still growing and is due to add a few more inches before it's all said and done.

(via New Orleans' EVP David Griffin, speaking to Jeff Duncan of The Athletic)

“Yeah, I don’t know that we can determine a weight yet. Zion’s still growing. One of the things that’s lost in this whole process is that, like Jaxson Hayes, Zion is still getting taller. We’re not exactly sure what he’ll look like in the end. So a playing weight is not what you look for.

What you look for is to be in top condition, to have the kind of core strength and stability that you need to control all of the incredible torque that his athleticism can generate…. That’s really where [VP of player care] Aaron Nelson and his team are going to focus their efforts, because Zion is one of those kids, like LeBron, he’s not going to lift a weight because he’ll add muscle and weight so quickly. So what you have to do with him is do everything you can from a core and stability standpoint to give him more ability to control what he already has in terms of strength and speed.”

Zion may have an insane output of strength and speed, but he needs to be able to manage it. Can his body handle that much weight and pressure during an 82-game regular season? Is he at his top physical potential?

Williamson still has a lot of work to do before he breaks any records. With the world watching, he will have to figure out who he is and what best works for him. Adding some inches will help, but it can't be the only adjustment he makes between now and October.