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David Letterman Trolls Kevin Durant At Nets Media Day: 'Why They Call You KD?'

David Letterman Trolls Kevin Durant At Nets Media Day: 'Why They Call You KD?'

Kevin Durant is one of the most interesting and polarizing NBA superstars right now. The Brooklyn Nets leader is often spotted on social media going at it with fans, analysts, and more, but most of the time, he's a very chill person. 

The 2x NBA champion is still the subject of jokes, and one legendary personality tried to get at him, trolling KD during the Nets' media day. David Letterman, the iconic TV host and comedian, made a surprising appearance while Durant addressed the media today. 

He tried to be funny with Durantula, asking a series of questions that confused many people and made KD raise his eyebrows. The funniest one came when he asked the veteran why people call him 'KD .' The player had a very explanatory response. 

Letterman: "Kevin, why people call you 'KD?' Can I call you KD?"

Durant: "Yeah. My first name is Kevin with a K, and my last name is Durant with a D.”

Moreover, Letterman took a cheeky dig at the New York Knicks, asking Durant if he planned to join the Knickerbockers during his days off with the Nets. Kevin told him that was his last question, but Letterman had one more that made the player laugh. 

Amid all the Kyrie Irving situation with the COVID-19 vaccine, the Brooklyn Nets players seem to be in good spirits ahead of a very challenging season. 

Following a disappointing second-round exit in the 2021 NBA playoff, this team is ready to get revenge, improve what they did last season and win the NBA championship. They will need every player ready to go, with no distractions, if they aspire to beat the other two candidates to the title, Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers