David West Once Told Steph Curry To Stop Sacrificing For Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson: ‘F–k These Guys, You Got To Go.’

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors assembled an incredible team in the summer of 2016 when they signed Kevin Durant, one of the best players in the NBA at the moment, who instantly made them the clear favorites to win the NBA championship. Time proved that right as the Dubs went to three straight NBA Finals and won two championships with KD on the roster.

When that move happened, people started wondering how things were going to work for the Warriors but they made it work, especially thanks to Stephen Curry, who sacrificed to make everybody around him comfortable and happy with their roles on the team, especially the newcomer KD.

Even though Curry decided to approach the situation that way, not everybody was happy with his attitude, including David West, who didn't like what Steph was doing to make everybody but him happy. Talking on The Ringer podcast, the NBA champion talked about how he used to tell Curry that he needed to be a little more selfish and stop worrying about the rest.

“There were nights where I told Steph that first year, like, ‘F--k these guys, you got to go,’” West told Murdock and Bell. “He was trying too hard to, like, make everybody comfortable. He knows Klay wants to score, shoot the ball, that’s who Klay Thompson is. He knows that [Draymond Green] likes to have the ball in his hands so Dray can make plays. KD needs his time.

“So Steph was the one making the most sacrifices and I’m like, ‘Yo, the f--k you doing? You gotta do what you know, man.’ I would say that to him some nights and he’d look at me [funny]. Because I don’t think anybody would tell him, like, ‘Yo, you trippin’. You can’t pass that one, dog.’ ”

Steph is known as one of the most unselfish players in the NBA and he really demonstrated that when he had to share the ball with two great scorers like Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. In the end, it worked, as they won two championships and became the best team in the 2010s. You could say he could have won one or two Finals MVP but if you ask Curry, he won't care about it since he earned the biggest prize.

Perhaps West thinks he did too much for others but that paid off for him and his team so it's not a big deal for the point guard, who is now shooting every shot he can as the Warriors don't have the same firepower they use to.