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David West Reveals The Warriors Had Major Locker Room Issues During The Season


It appears Golden State isn't a land full of rainbows and lolipops like many have assumed.

Almost as soon as the Golden State Warriors wrapped up their third championship in four years and second straight, sweeping the Cleveland Cavaliers as predicted at the start of the season, now two-time champion David West teased reporters during locker room celebrations, explaining that things were extremely tough behind the scenes for the Warriors, and that everyone will be extremely surprised when the news eventually breaks.

Given the apparent team camaraderie and unselfishness of the entire Warriors roster from top to bottom, this news does come as quite a surprise, even if we don't exactly know why tensions were so high behind the scenes. Many have speculated that the news is about head coach Steve Kerr, and that Kerr was contemplating retirement mid-season due to medical issues he was suffering from -- and still does -- surrounding his back. That revelation would be tame however compared to some of the scenarios people are imagining, such as a riff between Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. Like West says, it's a testament to the entire team that 1. The news never leaked, and 2. The Warriors managed to win a championship while dealing with these issues.