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David West Speaks On The Joys Of Being A Warrior


For most NBA teams, the long basketball season is filled with at least some degree of drama, tension, and other problems that can divide a locker room.

But for the Golden State Warriors, those words seem to be a foreign language. From the accounts of David West, the situation in Oracle is unlike any other. Per Marcus Thompson of The Athletic:

The players-only meeting is a staple of locker rooms in distress. But West said the Warriors don’t have the kind of problems that warrant such meetings. They have only had one since he’s been a Warrior. It came after they won the 2017 NBA Finals. They met in the locker room to settle one major issue: where would they celebrate winning the championship? They settled on Aria in Las Vegas.

...When the Warriors faced the Lakers early in the season, Young took a 3 early in the shot clock. Green screamed some choice words at Young for not running the offense. It was enough to catch then-Laker Jordan Clarkson’s attention. He asked Young, is that how the Warriors talk to each other? Young flashed a smile, told Clarkson it was all good: That’s just Draymond. “If somebody’s got a problem, which rarely happens, we address that shit,” Durant said. “I feel like everybody’s voice here is important from the top to the bottom. Everybody can chime in and give input. That’s just from the good culture Steve set.

Winning is usually the antidote to everything. The Dubs, though, appear to be on a whole new scale of prosperity. The team performs off the court much like the manner in which they perform on it: flawless.