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Deandre Ayton Praises Chris Paul: "He Gets Me The Easy Baskets... Spoon-Fed Me Most Of The Time."

via Alex Goodlett

via Alex Goodlett

Chris Paul is known as one of the best point guards to ever play in the NBA. Paul has led the league in assists multiple times and is one of the best playmakers to ever step foot on the court. Paul's basketball IQ allows him to see opportunities others don't, and his vision is top-tier.

Chris Paul's impact has been felt by the Phoenix Suns. This is the best Phoenix Suns season in recent memory, and a huge part of that has been the addition of Paul and his leadership. Recently, Deandre Ayton went on ESPN to talk about a variety of topics, including Paul's addition to the Phoenix Suns. Ayton gave Paul a lot of praise and said that the point guard gets him easy opportunities.

He’s definitely showing me different ways how to get to the basket easily, how much of a threat I am to the basket when it’s in a pick and roll. Definitely, angles off the screen, you know, getting us both open. And just you know, always being a presence at the rim.

He gave me this key to be the anchor of the defense... be everybody’s eyes and you know, protecting our rim and it’s a big deal when it comes to our team and he gets me the easy baskets and spoon-fed me most of the time... you know, it's lit.

It seems like Chris Paul is being a good mentor for his young teammates. Most of the people that have played with Paul have had good things to say, and it seems like this is no different. While Chris Paul is entering the twilight of his career, he is still more than capable of dishing some dimes on a nightly basis. Paul's leadership will be key in how far these Suns go, and hopefully, they live up to the challenge in the postseason.