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DeAndre Jordan Gets Roasted For Protecting His Teammates During Pistons Altercation: "Best Defense He's Played In Years."

DeAndre Jordan

At one point, DeAndre Jordan was one of the best big men in the league. With the Clippers, his size and athleticism were key for the team in their quest for West supremacy.

Nowadays, Jordan is nothing more than a fringe role-player for the Lakers, averaging about 13 minutes per game this season.

Funnily enough, his best moment this season may have come during L.A.'s little spat with the Pistons when LeBron and Isaiah Stewart went at it during the game.

At one point, when things looked especially bad, DeAndre Jordan stepped up in front of James, seemingly ready to protect his teammate if he needed to.

It didn't take long for fans to crack some jokes about the irony of the situation.

As intense as that ordeal was, it was wildly interesting and even entertaining for many fans, who love to see this type of stuff in the NBA.

No matter your feelings on the night, this could be a major turning point for the Lakers, and could even become a moment they use to rally the team for the rest of the season.

Deandre Jordan, like Frank Vogel, thinks tonight's situation and emotion rallying from behind could help turn the season around for this Lakers squad. 

After James' ejection, DJ and the group came crawling back into the game, where they eventually won after being down by 17 points.

Of course, it was just one win, and a messy one at that, but L.A. is hoping they found something in this game, something that will put them back where they were hoping to be to start the season.

The Lakers, 9-9, are set to face the Knicks on Tuesday before heading to Indiana. DeAndre Jordan, who dropped 6 points and 9 rebounds in Sunday's contest is expected to hold his place in the starting lineup -- at least, for now.