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DeAndre Jordan On Joining The Lakers In Free Agency: "This Was Not A Very Tough Decision."

DeAndre Jordan Doesn’t Think Going From Brooklyn Nets To LA Lakers Is A Big Deal: ‘It’s Just Basketball’

DeAndre Jordan may not be the high-flying All-Star he used to be, but it doesn't mean he can't prove valuable on a contending team.

The 1x All-Star spent two years in Brooklyn before joining the Purple and Gold in free agency. Even with a minor role and relatively small contract, Jordan says making the move (and returning to L.A.) wasn't a hard decision to make at all.

“Man, this was not a very tough decision. You always want to be in a place where you’re wanted, and a place where you have a chance to compete and contend for something,” Jordan said, via SB Nation. “That’s a team goal, and obviously I was here playing my first 10 years of professional basketball, and so that was a good experience for me, and just to be able to be back around my family and an organization that’s ready to compete for another title is exciting for me.”

The Lakers attracted a lot of great talent this summer, and it's not surprising at all. As a team, they have everything a player could want -- the rich history, the glitz and glamor, the superstar talent.

After spending 10 seasons with the Clippers, DJ understood the lure of L.A. more than most. On the other side, though, he didn't get the chance to experience true success, as his team fell apart before they were able to make a Finals appearance.

The question now is, what more is there to come for Jordan?

He will likely play a minor role for the Lakers, as a big body and interior defender off the bench. But if he can replicate some of his past play, and give his team a spark when they need it, it could go a long way in helping them realize their goals in the upcoming season.