Dejounte Murray's Father Takes A Shot At James Harden: "Karma Is A B****…. Shouldn’t Have Tried To Trip My Son. I Don’t Wish Injuries On Anybody But Since It Happened..."

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Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Dejounte Murray's father took to Twitter to talk about James Harden's injury. The Brooklyn Nets superstar couldn't finish Game 1 of the East Semis series against the Milwaukee Bucks due to a hamstring injury. 

The team announced Harden won't be available for Game 2, which set the alarms for the franchise. Well, not everybody is sad learning that the Beard will be inactive for the next game. 

Dejounte's dad addressed this situation, saying 'karma is a b****' referring to Harden's play with Murray last month. 

"James Harden is out due to a hamstring injury…. Karma is a Bitch…. Shouldn’t have tried to trip my son," Murray's father wrote on Twitter. "I don’t wish injuries on anybody but since it happened… Fuck it"

NBA fans weren't having any of that and blasted the man on social media. That wasn't the end of it, though, as Murray's dad fired back at those defending Harden.

"All these Hardens fans in their feelings… Any father would protect his kids in any way. I never wished bad on him… It happened and I’m saying 'IDGAF' Grow some balls… Y’all too soft for me."

Even Dejounte himself had to reject his father's comments, saying there was no issue with Harden, and the Brooklyn Net actually cleared the air after that controversial play. 

“I have nothing to go with this and JH already cleared up the trip incident in real life,” Murray tweeted. “So I hope his injury isn’t nothing serious so he can come back and help his team compete for a championship!!!!!”


The competitiveness is through the roof in the NBA, but sometimes people take things too far. Fortunately, Harden and Murray clear the air, and everything is fine between them.

Still, the San Antonio Spurs' young star's father hasn't forgotten what Harden did, and he's letting the Beard have it.