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Dell Demps Firing Could Hurt Knicks Chances Of Landing Kevin Durant This Summer

Anthony Davis Knicks

As the Los Angeles teams prepare to make a serious run at Anthony Davis, let's not forget the Knicks' place in all of this, who were included on Anthony Davis' mythical "list" of teams he'd sign long-term with.

After the Porzingis trade, it certainly appears that the team is gearing towards a big summer with their newfound cap space. Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and a whole host of other stars are said to be interested. But if the Knicks can somehow get their hands on Anthony Davis -- that's a deal they'd jump for.

Unfortunately, in a report by Frank Isola of The Athletic, the Pelicans' most recent firing of former GM Dell Demps may have hindered their chances at acquiring the superstar.

(h/t Arthur Hill of Hoops Rumors)

A source tells Isola that Demps wanted to wait until after the draft lottery before resuming talks so he would know where New York would be picking. Second in the league in our current Reverse Standings, the Knicks have a 14% chance of winning the lottery and getting a shot at Duke standout Zion Williamson, whom Demps was intrigued by. Demps also has a prior connection with New York, having served as a scout for the organization.

The team has a much different relationship with former Cavaliers GM David Griffin, who is considered one of the potential front-runners to replace Demps in New Orleans. Another source tells Isola that Griffin was considering an offer to become GM of the Knicks two years ago, but turned it down when he discovered he wouldn’t be solely in charge of personnel decisions.

Then there's Michael Zarren, a candidate who has previous ties to Boston.

Meanwhile, Michael Zarren, another top candidate to become the new Pelicans GM, proves to be a major problem, not only for the Knicks but also for the Los Angeles Lakers. Zarren is seen as the right-hand man of Celtics President of Basketball Operations and General Manager Danny Ainge, and he has a knowledge of the young players Boston is willing to send to New Orleans for Anthony Davis.

See, whichever of these likely candidates comes in to replace Demps, it's unlikely they will be as willing to make a deal with the Knicks. Plus, with most of the ownership having a liking towards Jayson Tatum, it seems the Celtics hold a strong chance of landing Davis this summer.

Once again, the Knicks find themselves the odd man out in star negotiations. They'll likely have to look elsewhere to turn their season around.