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DeMar DeRozan Flexes His New Kobes, Takes A Fun Jab At PJ Tucker: “Ain’t Nobody Got These!”

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It's not a secret that most NBA players are diehard sneakerheads. Most of them don't even wear the same pair twice, and who could blame them? I'm pretty sure we'd all be that way if we had that much money or endorsement deals.

But, even among the biggest sneakerheads, no one can beat PJ Tucker. 

The Miami Heat forward has an insane sneaker collection and is completely obsessed with them, carrying loads of pairs whenever he needs to travel.

That's why DeMar DeRozan made the most of the chance to finally rub it in his face and let him know that he had beaten him, donning a brand new pair of Kobes that not even PJ could get his hands around.

"PJ don't got them? Hell nah," the Bulls guard said in a video.

That's like winning the sneaker championship right there. We're talking about a guy who had a special-edition pair of Melo's that not even Carmelo Anthony had. I mean, his sneaker dealer is just the greatest of all time.

But, as you may know by now, PJ Tucker is a fierce competitor, and them being friends, you better believe that he's going to clap back rather sooner than later.

Beware, DeMar, you just got over your head.