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DeMar DeRozan Is Proving Why The Lakers Made A Huge Mistake This Summer

DeMar DeRozan Proved Why The Lakers Made A Huge Mistake This Summer

The Chicago Bulls are having a phenomenal 2021-22 NBA season, and the primary credit goes to none other than the Bulls' summer signing DeMar DeRozan. Ever since leaving the Toronto Raptors, DeRozan's career went down, but the 32-year-old has once again found his flair in Chicago.

He had yet another big game this season against the Los Angeles Lakers. In a 115-110 victory, DeRozan stuffed the stat line. He finished the game with 38 points, 4 rebounds, and 6 assists in just 34 minutes.

The victory improved the record of the Bulls to 18-10 as they hold the second seed in the loaded Eastern Conference. Moreover, this was the second time that DeMar scored 38 points against the purple and gold this season. It is truly great to see him in his groove and prove his doubters wrong with each passing game.

Some might even go as far as saying that DeRozan is making a case for himself to be one of the frontrunners to bag the regular-season MVP award, he certainly is putting up the numbers to be in the conversation. 

As of now, the Chicago Bulls star is averaging 26.8 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 4.2 assists per game. All while averaging 49.6% from the field, 33.3% from the 3-point line, and a stunning 89.3% from the free-throw line.

Seeing the insane form that he is in has led to many doubting the Lakers' decision of not signing him this summer. For a while, he was linked with joining the Lakers, but the franchise decided to welcome Russell Westbrook onboard. While Brodie is having an average season and is no way close to how well DeRozan is performing.

If the Lakers had signed the former Spurs star, they could have played him as a shooting guard. This would have given LeBron James a chance to focus more on his playmaking skills and assume the role of the floor general. Well, this is certainly one of the what-ifs of this season and we might never get to see DeRozan and LeBron share the court now.

Although DeRozan's team registered a victory over LeBron's team, the Bulls superstar still has the utmost respect for the King.

"He knows it. I’ve said it over and over. I got the utmost respect for LeBron. It’s definitely one of those situations that when I’m older I can say I played against that guy,” revealed DeRozan.

With the Bulls winning this crucial game, it will serve as a morale booster for the entire team as they hope to win the 2022 NBA Championship.

On the other hand, the Lakers are on a two-game losing streak and will hope to find ways to be consistent without relying too much on their soon-to-be 37-years-old superstar, LeBron James.