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DeMar DeRozan Let Patrick Beverley Know He's Too Small After Hitting A Shot Over Him

DeMar DeRozan Let Patrick Beverley Know He's Too Small After Hitting A Shot Over Him

DeMar DeRozan is having a season for the ages with the Chicago Bulls, the man is on track for an All-NBA First Team selection this season. DeRozan is seemingly scoring at will and has been the catalyst for the Bulls fighting right at the top of the Eastern Conference once again. And he's feeling confident in himself too, letting the players around him know that he's just about unstoppable at the moment. 

DeRozan had another monster game in a win over the Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday night, leading his team with 35 points on 63.6% shooting. DeRozan was a bucket all game, as he has been all season. There was a moment late in the 4th quarter where he shot right over Patrick Beverley and made a mid-range shot. DeRozan didn't just stop there, taunting Beverley and letting him know that he was too small to stop DeMar from scoring. 

DeRozan spent some time out of the spotlight after being traded to the San Antonio Spurs for Kawhi Leonard, who immediately brought the Toronto Raptors their first championship. It's good to see him back at the top of his game though, and he has the chance to rewrite his narrative with a really good Bulls team where he's the main star. So the confidence to talk some trash after a stellar play isn't all that surprising to see.

For his part, this is not the first time Pat Beverley has been told that he is too small, Luka Doncic was much more emphatic about it when he bullied Pat Bev during the Mavericks-Clippers playoff series last season. 

However, Beverley isn't one to forget these slights easily, as he recently reminded Russell Westbrook, who had once said some unflattering things about him. While he's unlikely to do much about DeRozan's current form on the court, it's safe to say Beverley will be keeping an eye on how DeMar is doing moving forward.