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DeMar DeRozan Now Ranks 69th On The NBA All-Time Scoring Leaderboard

DeMar DeRozan

The Chicago Bulls have had an impeccable run so far this season, all thanks to DeMar DeRozan. The veteran forward has been a source of hope for the franchise, who are perfectly placed to feature in the playoffs for the first time since 2017 as things stand.

While he has helped bring smiles to the fans in Chicago, a franchise that was home to arguably the greatest of all-time - Michael Jordan - he has also made some strides individually.

Stephen Curry has led a drastic change in the NBA, where teams are focused on the three-ball, but DeRozan has kept the mid-range flag flying. Perhaps former Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade will be thrilled with his performance as he is not entirely in support of the three-point era.

DeRozan's mid-range game has been inspirational, drawing high praise from Carmelo Anthony, an all-time top ten scorer. His brilliance so far this season has moved him up the all-time scorers leaderboard, via

The Bulls' leading scorer was 10 points behind the 1981 first overall pick Mark Aguirre but has surpassed him after his impressive outing against the Indiana Pacers. DeRozan scored 24 points in the game, which moved him to 69th place in the all-time scoring list, 106 points behind Zach Randolph. He also added 3 rebounds, 3 assists, and two steals to help secure a 113-105 victory.

With how DeRozan is playing, he will undoubtedly move higher up on the leaderboard as the season goes by. The 32-year-old still has a lot of juice in him and could play for another three to four years at least.

DeRozan is having arguably one of his best seasons and has a legitimate chance of registering a deep run in the postseason. So far this season, he is averaging 26.7 points, 5.1 rebounds, and 4.2 assists. He is also in the top ten of the NBA MVP ladder.