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DeMarcus Cousins Confident In New-Look Houston Rockets: "I Think We’re Absolutely A Threat. Obviously It’s A Narrative Around Our Team Right Now Which Is Gaining Attention. But I Think We Can Compete In The West, We’ll Fly Under The Radar.”

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Houston Rockets as a team have been in the midst of the James Harden trade saga. As James Harden is a high profile superstar, the media attention will be directed to his trade request. But what is going unnoticed, is that the Rockets have low key assembled a squad with elite players at every position. Some people like Rachel Nichols have already expressed sentiments that hope James Harden can give the Rockets a chance.

The Rockets have some former All-Stars, a talented young big man in Christian Wood, and if all goes well, James Harden. Who is to say that isn't a championship team? DeMarcus Cousins himself has expressed confidence in their chances, as reported by Kelly Iko of The Athletic.

DeMarcus Cousins would be right in saying that they could compete in the Western Conference. While they are currently win-less, this roster has only played two games together, and that's without John Wall or Cousins himself having played. It would take time, but if the Rockets gelled well together, that team could surprise many in the Western Conference.

At the end of the day, the Rockets' chances at real contention hinge on one individual: James Harden. Harden is the key to winning any silverware, as he is a superstar: superstars win championships. If the Rockets can convince Harden to rescind his trade request, then they could be in for a unique year.