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DeMarcus Cousins Could Sign With The Lakers This Summer

DeMarcus Cousins

The Warriors' list of targets is not a narrow one when it comes to the 2019 free agent class. A miserable season and an aging star have instilled a sense of urgency for the franchise -- they cannot afford to come out of this offseason empty-handed.

Their primary targets include Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, and Kawhi Leonard but they will settle for just about anyone at this point, especially 4x All-Star DeMarcus Cousins.

Despite coming off an Achilles tear last season, he will demand a high-paying contract this summer. If L.A. finds themselves running out of tier-A targets, they may look at Cousins to fill their need.

On Brian Windhorst’s podcast, Ohm Youngmusik speculated that Cousins would be the one join LeBron James in Los Angeles and become a Laker.

“I think they go in and get somebody else like a DeMarcus Cousins or somebody like that.”

DeMarcus is still a valuable player. He can play inside and out and is also a steady presence in the paint. He proved this past season that he still has enough left in the tank to significantly impact a game.

But Cousins has a rather edgy reputation. He has been known to butt heads with coaches in the past and isolate his teammates in the locker room. By all accounts, he is very much what folks would call a "locker-room cancer."

Magic Johnson and the team must decide if paying out a guy like Cousins is better than holding their cards for another year. In case you couldn't already tell, that decision is not going to be an easy one to make.