DeMarcus Cousins Not Surprised By Anthony Davis Trade Request: “I Knew That Was Going To Happen”

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Credit: USA Today

Credit: USA Today

DeMarcus Cousins left the New Orleans Pelicans for the Golden State Warriors in 2017, and he was well aware that Anthony Davis would eventually follow him in leaving the team next.

"As soon as all that goofy junk went down. I knew exactly what was going to happen,” said Cousins when asked whether he knew Davis wanted out by Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes.

Cousins claims that Davis’ option to sign with aggressive superstar Klutch Sports agent was a “power move” that indicated he wanted out of New Orleans.

Davis’ announcement seemed to shock nobody except the Pelicans themselves who reacted deliriously by dragging the Lakers chemistry through the mud after pretending to want to trade with them.

It seems that Cousins escaped the nightmare in New Orleans pretty swiftly as he luckily slid into the Warriors’ roster. Now, Cousins is contending for a championship while Davis is going home, so it’s clear why Davis and Cousins both wanted out.

Is it really a surprise to anyone that Davis wanted out? Did anyone really expect him to be the Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan type of player to stick to one team? He would have been if the Pelicans weren’t so horrible. Usually, a star will commit to one team for their career if they win a championship with that team or if that team is a legendary franchise, and the Pelicans are neither.

Cousins wasn’t surprised by Davis leaving, and it seems no one else was either.