DeMarcus Cousins Reveals What Made Him Sign With The Warriors

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DeMarcus Cousins

You ever look back at a moment and realize how different things would be had it never happened? For DeMarcus Cousins, that Achilles tear last season changed everything for him. It stripped him of a year of basketball, it stripped him of a major contract, and it stripped him of the stardom he had been so accustomed to seeing.

He went from one of the summer's to free-agents to being practically forsaken to deal with a potentially career-ending injury on his own.

But this story of rejection is actually what pushed him to Golden State, a push that has done volumes to resurrect his basketball career.

“The people I reached out to … man, the teams I was talking to, and how they slammed the phone in my face,” Cousins said, via Shams Charania of The Athletic. “They all slammed the door shut on me. I wish I could share those conversations. But it’s done with. I reached out to teams with the same offer as Golden State, just to see.”

Cousins soon realized that nobody was going to offer him what he wanted -- or offer anything at all according to him-- and took matters into his own hands. He called the Warriors, expressed his desire to join the team, and it soon became official. Golden State was the team to take him on, and it became apparent that it was the best place for Cousins to revive his basketball career.

Had another team reached out to him, things might be totally different.