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DeMarcus Cousins Says He Has Gotten Even Better Despite Achilles Tear


Most people are never the same following a major injury. They might still be a productive player, but they're almost never at the same level they were at before. The same should be the case for DeMarcus Cousins, as an Achilles tear is literally one of the worst you can get.

If you ask him yourself, however, he'll sing a surprisingly different tune.

"Obviously I won't be the same player, I have gotten better. A lot of things have changed in my game, jumpshooting, skill works, everything has increased and gotten better. Dominique Wikens told me just go there and attack it, do it physically and mentally."

He thinks he'll be a better player than he was before. Considering 2017/18 saw him averaging 25.2 points per game with 12.9 rebounds, that's quite a statement to make. An Achilles tear usually devastates a players ability to jump and change direction quickly, which is why it's such a hard blow to suffer.

If Cousins really has worked on things like shooting and ball handling it could go a long way in making up for his lost athleticism.

We'll see soon enough if he can make true what he said. For the rest of the league's sake, they better hope he can't. Because if he somehow gets better after this recovery, the already unbeatable Warriors will just get even more powerful.