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Dennis Rodman Explains The Difference Between LeBron James And Michael Jordan

(via Sport.ONE)

(via Sport.ONE)

LeBron James and Michael Jordan are two of the best players to ever do it. In fact, they have become the faces of NBA basketball greatness.

But even with their fame and game being at similar levels, there are some glaring differences between the stars.

Dennis Rodman explained during an interview with Business Insider’s Scott Davis:

LeBron is not a Michael Jordan type. LeBron’s a different type of player. I think LeBron’s between Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen put together, you know? I think LeBron is more like brute strength, stuff like that. And Michael Jordan’s more like a racing car. Dancing with the ball, literally dancing with the ball. So smooth, so at ease.

So, I think that LeBron has all the great skills, great athlete, probably one of the top five players that ever played a game. But you know, Michael — Michael was different. Michael was different.

Rodman played with MJ and the 3-peat Bulls back in the 90s, so he knows exactly what kind of player Mike is. It seems as if Rodman is giving the distinction between strength and natural talent.

While each player has a bit of both, Jordan seemed to have some special, un-identifiable property that made him extraordinary. He was an artist -- and the difference between Jordan dancing with the basketball and LeBron’s more brute force is a great way to differentiate the stylistic differences between both players.

And clearly, according to Rodman, it makes MJ the GOAT. You are free to disagree though.