Dennis Rodman: 'LeBron Doesn’t Have That Desire To Win At Any Cost That Michael Jordan Had'

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(via NBC Chicago)

(via NBC Chicago)

No matter where you stand on the LeBron vs Jordan debate, it's not a conversation that is expected to be resolved any time soon. As Bron continues to build up his case, many are chiming on why he will never catch Michael Jordan.

The latest was MJ's former teammate Dennis Rodman, who described what he feels is the biggest difference between the two basketball superstars.

“He [LeBron James] wasn’t bought up this way. I had that desire to win, I didn’t give a s**t what it took. I’ll do the dirty work, I don’t give a s**t. At the end of the day that ring is more important. For Mike [Michael Jordan] when he came up he had one thing in doing – I’m going if I didn’t beat your a** and do my job,” the ex-NBA champion said.

This mental difference is one of the most common aspects of LeBron that people criticize. Many believe that James doesn't have that same "killer" mentality that we saw in guys like Mike, Magic, and even Kobe Bryant.

James certainly acts differently than they ever did. Rather than treat his competition like enemies, he has typically befriended them. Rather than take the last shot in game-winning opportunities, he likes to pass it off to open teammates instead.

Those types of things really separate LeBron's approach from other stars, especially ones who played in previous NBA eras. Whether or not that makes him worse than MJ, however, is subjective.

The only thing that can be said, for sure, is that Jordan's tactics resulted in him winning double the amount of titles as James. That's got to count for something.