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Dennis Rodman Turned Around When Michael Jordan Was Taking A Free Throw To Show His Faith In MJ’s Abilities

Dennis Rodman Turns Around When Michael Jordan Was Taking A Free Throw To Show His Faith In MJ’s Abilities

During his illustrious career, Michael Jordan played with a lot of amazing players. Among them, his trio with Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman was without a doubt the most iconic.

The three superstars won three consecutive NBA Championships during the 1990s. While MJ was the leader and the primary superstar of the team, both Pippen and Rodman were crucial to the success of the Bulls.

Even between the two, Scottie might be the better player, but Rodman honed his one skill to perfection. He was someone who could grab rebounds with ease and he did so throughout his stint with the Bulls.

The duo of Jordan and Rodman was a nightmare for fans. Moreover, the two superstars had unmatched confidence in each other's abilities. The trust that Rodman had in Jordan's ability to score can be explained perfectly by a video of Mike making a free throw and Rodman has his back turned away.

Rodman's biggest skill was to pull down rebounds with ease but when it is MJ who is taking the shot he doesn't need to worry about that. Considering it was game 6 of the  1998 NBA Finals, it was a crucial moment in the series.

Even then, Rodman blindly placed his trust in Mike to make the shot. And as you'd expect from Jordan, he didn't miss. On top of that, later on, he will go on to hit the game-winner as well.

 We are sure you must already be aware of which shot we are talking about. On that note, Bulls legend Scottie Pippen revealed that if MJ hadn't made that shot, he would have not been able to play game 7 of the series.

This could have been bad for the legacy of all players and the franchise alike. Fortunately, that didn't happen due to Mike's heroics. The Bulls ended their campaign as winners of the NBA Championship.