Dennis Schroder Has Removed “PG For The Los Angeles Lakers" From His Bio

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Rob Perez- "Dennis Schroder Is Worth 100 Million But In Pesos."

The Los Angeles Lakers will face some key decisions in the offseason. They'll have to make some personnel adjustments if the Phoenix Suns end their season in the first round, especially considering their impending free agents.

While it's rumored that they consider Andre Drummond as a building block for the future and want to keep him on board for the long run, it seems like they'll have to find a replacement for Dennis Schroder.

Apparently, the German playmaker has removed "PG for the Los Angeles Lakers" from his Instagram bio, hinting at an exit in the offseason.

This will only confirm what most people were thinking already. Schroder declined a contract extension worth $84 million as he feels like he could get paid more elsewhere while also getting a bigger role.

Also, Schroder had said that he didn't want to play for the Lakers just a couple of weeks before being traded away by the Oklahoma City Thunder, so perhaps he just never felt like a part of the team.

All speculations aside, Schroder is a very good player but he's unlikely to get the money and role he's looking for. He's a 19-point, 5-assists kind of guy that has proven to be way more effective coming off the bench than starting.

The Lakers set their sight on Kyle Lowry prior to the trade deadline but were unable to close a deal for him, so perhaps they'll try again in the summer.

Whatever the case is, it seems like tonight's game vs. the Suns could be Dennis Schroder's final time wearing the purple and gold jersey.