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Dennis Schroder Is Not Happy With The Lakers' Chemistry On The Court: 'I Think When Bron Comes Back We're Going To Have A Conversation As A Team.'

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers have mightily struggled without LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the court, losing games after games while their two biggest stars are inactive due to injuries. Now AD is back but he needs to recover his best form while LeBron keeps working on his return to the floor.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team needs to figure things out to be a competitive side from here until the playoffs. Things haven't been easy for them but they're hoping to get things back on track in no time. Dennis Schroder recently shared his frustrations with the team's chemistry, which is very good off the court but the opposite when they're playing. The point guard explained that once they have all their players together, they will need to have a meeting.

"I think when Bron comes back we're going to have a conversation as a team. Because our chemistry, like AD said, off the court is great, but on the court we've just got to turn it up some more."

He knows this team can compete and make life hard for a lot of squads in the league but they need to keep adding wins to make it to the postseason the best way.

"We're going to be fine, but in the meantime we've still got to get wins."

Ever since LeBron James went down with a high ankle sprain last March 20, the Lakers have won 6 games and lost 13. They lost back-to-back games against the Dallas Mavericks, which saw Anthony Davis returning to the court but they know that's not enough.

They need to step up to try to finish the regular season the best way. They need to work on their chemistry, especially knowing that players like Marc Gasol aren't happy with their roles on the team. This is a complex situation for the 17-time NBA champions but if they can figure it out, the rest of the league should be alert of what this team can do.