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Dennis Schroder Says He Won't Wear Kyrie Shoes Ever Again After Altercation With The Nets Star: "We Will Do Giveaways For Everybody Who Wants Them.”


The beef between Dennis Schroder and Kyrie Irving is not over yet, and things could get really interesting in the next couple of months if these two clash in the 2021 NBA Finals. 

It all started a couple of weeks ago when the Brooklyn Nets faced the Los Angeles Lakers. Dennis and Kyrie went at it at some point, and both players were ejected after an exchange of words. Following that, Irving accused the German player of telling the N-word, and both players were fined. 

This situation seemed to be quiet recently, but Schroder has fueled the animosity by saying he will stop wearing Kyrie shoes. Of course, this is crazy to know given the fact that Schroder apparently has over 30 pairs of Kyries, and he's planning on giving them away. 

“Unfortunately l can’t wear them no more. It’s not possible after what happened in the game.

“I can not do it. Not going to wear it again. We will do giveaways for everybody who wants them.”

It looks like we have a rivalry in the making. The Lakers and Nets can face each other in the Finals, but they will have to overcome big obstacles to reach that stage. 

If they manage to do so, we're ready to see Kyrie and Dennis going at it and other duels like Kyrie and LeBron, Durant and LeBron, and many more. 

These two teams are seen as the biggest favorites to come out of their respective conferences and fans can't wait to see if the dream matchup becomes a reality.