Dennis Schroder Says LeBron James Is The Greatest Point Guard In NBA History

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Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Dennis Schroder has big praise for Los Angeles Lakers teammate LeBron James and his talents assisting his teammates. LeBron has been known as a pass-first player during his career given his ability to run the offense and set up his teammate to score.

He has played point guard more than once in recent years and people have started to call him a point guard instead of a forward. It's well known that James can play the five positions on the court and he feels really comfortable as a playmaker, which must be the reason why Schroder called him the best PG in NBA history. That's a huge statement from the German player but he's seen what LeBron can do on the floor and isn't afraid to share his opinion.

This is not the first time people call LeBron James a point guard; James Worthy called him a master at that position, NBA executives believe he is the 5th best PG in the league and this thought has gotten bigger and bigger over the years.

Now Schroder went to the next level and called him the best point guard the NBA has seen. Magic Johnson is widely considered the best at that position, followed by Isiah Thomas and then whoever you want. Well, there is a reason why people compare the King to Magic, and Dennis must have done the same.

In the absence of LBJ, the 27-year-old has stepped up for the Lakers, leading them with 19.6 points and nearly seven assists per game in their last five matches. He is shooting 46% from the field and 41% from beyond the arc. The Lakers lost their first four games without LeBron and now have won two straight games with Schroder showing the way.

After they added Andre Drummond, it's fair to say these Lakers will be a hard rival for the rest of the league and not the weak squad they were after LeBron went down with a high ankle sprain.