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Denver Nuggets Have An Anti-Rockets Squad With Jokic At Point Guard And Bol Bol At Small Forward

Denver Nuggets Have An Anti-Rockets Squad With Jokic At Point Guard And Bol Bol At Small Forward

The Denver Nuggets were one of the first teams to play a scrimmage game on Wednesday, when they beat the Washington Wizards, 89-82, behind a great performance from Bol Bol. The Nuggets are one of the teams that can make some noise this NBA resumption, even more now that Bol showed what he's capable of doing on the court.

Bol's game wasn't the only thing that impressed the fans, though, as the Nuggets sent a huge starting five. Either as an experiment for the scrimmage game or as a sample of what they could do once the official games begin, Michael Malone picked a huge lineup, which included Nikola Jokic at point guard and Bol Bol at small forward.

Jokic, Jerami Grant, Bol Bol, Paul Millsap and Mason Plumlee started the game for the Nuggets.

This was already curious and interesting but it takes another dimension when you compare this lineup to the one the Houston Rockets will put on the floor every day at the bubble. The tallest player on the Rockets lineup right now is Robert Covington, standing at 6-foot-7. To makes things in perspective, Jerami Grant, one of the Nuggets' guards yesterday, is 6-foot-8. Fans reacted to this lineup as well, making fun of the Rockets and the small ball strategy they've been using since the trade deadline in February.

They have Russell Westbrook and James Harden on the roster and the fans are confident these two can make some noise but that doesn't change the fact that the Nuggets would give them a lot of trouble if they clash in the playoffs. Something that could happen in the first round with the right results.

This is indeed an anti-Rockets lineup. Denver really raised the bar and the best part is that their players can do anything on the field despite their height.