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Derek Fisher Reveals Text Message From Matt Barnes About His Fiancée Gloria Govan

Credit: Clutch Points

Credit: Clutch Points

Retired NBA Laker Derek Fisher is backing up his fiancée, Gloria Govan, in a battle with her ex-husband Matt Barnes, showing messages of them two sorting out the situation.

Court documents by The Blast show that Fisher filed a declaration in Govan’s lawsuit against Barnes. Earlier this year, Barnes sued Govan accusing her of allegedly embezzling $300k from him during their marriage. Govan then sued Barnes accusing him of defamation claiming he falsely accused her of stealing from him and blocking his visitation from their sons.

In Fisher’s declaration, it states him and Matt Barnes “have each other’s cell phone numbers” and have had multiple conversations with each other about the issue.

Derek Fisher claims on April 7, 2018, Barnes texted him “accusing her of crimes and acts of dishonesty and otherwise impugning her and her good name, profession and reputation.”

One of the texts from Matt Barnes states:

“Listen... I’m not sure how much she’s told you.. But she’s mad at me cause I found out she stole nearly a million dollars forged my signature & stole my ss# to get her parent a night club & the house they live in.. Since we’ve been going to court over that situation she’s been holding that hate & frustration for me against my boys.”


Barnes and Fisher have had ongoing beef involving Govan since 2015 when Matt Barnes drove 95 miles to confront Derek Fisher when he found out that Fisher was romancing his estranged wife, Gloria Govan. Barnes had the intention to “beat the s—t out of him” but was stopped by police.

Both Fisher and Barnes have both forgiven each other for past events, resulting in friendly communication to sort out current Govan case without any serious threats.