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Derrick Rose Calls Out Phil Jackson, Steve Mills In New Autobiography

(via SB Nation)

(via SB Nation)

With the help of Bulls writer Sam Smith, Derrick Rose recently finished an autobiography entitled “I’ll Show You,” a first-person account of the life and story of the former NBA MVP.

While the book holds no shortage of interesting bits, one in particular calls out Knicks associates Phil Jackson and Steve Mills as he looks back at his lone season with the franchise.

(via The New York Post)

As for me, I liked Phil, but, come on, man, you’re still running the triangle? He was still forcing them to run it. I’m a slasher, a driving point guard. The triangle is okay, but not for the personnel we had. Melo couldn’t play that way, didn’t want to.

Early on in the season, Phil really didn’t force anything. But as time went on, it converted all the way to the triangle and we played through that almost the whole year. For the team we had, I think deep down [coach Jeff] Hornacek really wanted to play that more up-tempo style. But being in that position, being a new head coach, having to listen to the front office, it’s hard on that coach to say something. He’s moved around, he’d been fired in Phoenix. I guess Hornacek got tired of hearing about it, having meetings about it, so he just said, “We’re gonna do it and see.”

Rose, and others within the franchise, clearly did not like the system that was being forced upon them. There is little evidence to support that it made the team better.

Additionally, Rose also called out current Knicks president Steve Mills for trying to put off a "fake" persona only to turn around and push Rose to the side later.

New York could have done the same thing. I would have done that. Me stepping away from the team that day had nothing to do with them; I was good with New York. But they didn’t sign me, didn’t even talk to me. No communication. I thought, “I just gave y’all 18 a game. At the point guard position. And you go draft a point guard?”

Steve Mills is talking all this black dude stuff with me, like we’re brothers and all this. He’s saying that s–t, making me think it’s going to make us closer. Come on, be yourself.

I loved New York. We were losing but I felt I was playing great. I felt like they still could have built something — or attempted to. They got rid of me but I definitely wanted to stay there.

It was a disaster. From top to bottom, the Knicks were unable to maintain a positive and healthy culture. They failed to connect with their players, tried to force a certain playstyle, and lacked proper communication throughout the organization.

Rose exposing them is only the latest in a long line of red flags regarding the Knicks. Something says it won't be the last, either.