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Derrick Rose Comments On His 50-Point Game



Derrick Rose has not had an easy path. After becoming the youngest MVP in league history, injuries, bad breaks, and inconsistency stole the next few seasons of what would end up being the darkest times for Rose.

Last year with the Timberwolves, he finally found the break he was looking for. In an early-season game, off the bench, Rose dropped 50-points in a comeback statement that will be remembered for years to come.

And while Rose did not gain his MVP status back that year, he earned back the confidence that he belonged in this league.

More so, he learned just how truly talented even the worst of them are.

In a comment to the media, in a reflection of his 50-point night, Rose said he realized that night not to take any player for granted.

"It took the weight off my back. It made me realize how good everybody is in the league... the fans don't know but the same guy that you think sucks on the team, he can give you 50 bro."

He goes on to say how everybody has a role on their teams, and although some may not look poised to drop a ton of points, you shouldn't underestimate their skillset and potential on the floor.

He's right. Despite everything (injuries and all), Derrick Rose was able to remind the world, if even for a moment, that he was capable of doing extraordinary things. If a guy as broken as him can drop 50, why can't anyone else? It comes easier to some than others in the NBA, of course, but everybody is there for a reason: they can ball.