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Derrick Rose compares Knicks and Bulls fans

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose experienced some major highs and crushing lows in his seven-season stint with the Chicago Bulls, but after being traded to New York in the offseason, Rose didn't exactly give Bulls fans a glowing review. In a lengthy profile published by the National Basketball Players' Association, Rose said he's felt a new level of appreciation from Knicks fans.


"I was feeling a lot of love [in New York]. You feel that a little bit in Chicago, but it's not on that level of New York, so it kind of makes you anxious to actually get on the court. It's, like, 'Man, they're excited that I'm actually there.' I haven't even picked up a ball yet, I haven't made a basket yet, and I can only imagine how they're going to act when we start winning.

"It's a basketball culture there that's missing. Our job is to bring that excitement back to the city. And it's different playing there than actually being on the team, like the crowd there oohs and aahs for the little moves that you do when you're on the opposing team. But when you're on their team, they ooh and aah with everything."

Rose also revealed that before he was traded, the colorway on a signature shoe from Adidas was a "sign" he was headed to New York.

"Rose received a promo pair from Adidas of his upcoming D Rose 7 sneakers. They had Knicks-like orange on the sides, inspired by the Great Chicago Fire in 1871 and how the city rebuilt itself from the incident.

"It was crazy. I'm, like, 'Did [adidas] know beforehand?'" Rose said. "It makes you think about that stuff. It was a sign. I take everything as a sign."

Rose managed to play in 66 games last season - the most since his MVP year - but couldn't match the production of his All-Star years.

Rose faces a civil gang rape trial on October 4th after being sued last year by a woman who claims Rose and two other men raped her in 2013.

(Thanks to Bleacher Report for sharing this story.)