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Derrick Rose Describes On His New Book How He Nearly Died As A Youth

Derrick Rose Describes On His New Book How He Nearly Died As A Youth

Derrick Rose’s history in the NBA has been full of ups and downs, but now the point guard is seen by the majority of fans as one of the most inspiring players in the league. Rose’s character and desire to keep coming back injury after injury has made him a very respected player in the association and a role model for future generations.

However, Derrick went through a lot of stuff to become the person he is right now, starting from his youth where he had to grow up on the south side of Chicago and all the things he had to live in the following years.

The 2011 NBA MVP is releasing a book on September where he details his journey from Chicago to the Bulls, his ACL injuries, and everything that came afterward. The Chicago Tribune had the luck to get an early copy of the book and broke down some of the things general fans are going to be able to read in a couple of months.

One thing that stands out above the others is the fact that he had two near-death experiences when a youth. For example, he apparently drank an entire cup of bleach thinking it was water. This is kind of odd because you have to taste the odd flavor, that is not supposed to be there, in the beverage and stop drinking it, but he drank the whole thing. Luckily, he got away with it and went to become an NBA star before his body started to fail him.

If that wasn’t enough, on Independence Day when he was 12 or 13, Rose and a friend of his thought it would be cool to throw lit matches or cigarettes in the gas tank of an abandoned truck, with his friend resulting badly burned.

He, surviving those experiences is something remarkable and we wonder what else he wrote on that book. It will be interesting to see what kind of stuff Rose has done in his life and what brought him to be the person he is right now.