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Derrick Rose Explains Why He Grew Out His Hair



Derrick Rose has had a rocky NBA career. Stardom, then injury, then recovery, then injury... it was an almost endless cycle until these past few seasons, where the star point guard has had a resurgence of sorts.

He seems like a new man. His playstyle is different, his personality is calmer, and he seems more at peace with the cards he was given. According to Rose himself, his new look reflects his adjusted mindset in a way.

"A lot of people don't understand, but I feel with black people, our hair is everything. Our hair is power. Growing my hair out, it felt like I was gaining my strength but also becoming more mature. I began to leave that revenge side behind."

It is true that Rose seems to have grown up a bit. Instead of being angry and vengeful at the world, he is making do with what he has.

As far as his hair goes, it seems he is intent on letting it grow out.