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Derrick Rose Got Emotional When Talking About The All-Star Votes


To say it's been a long road to recovery for former MVP Derrick Rose would be lowballing it. After showing the world just how good he could be, he and the Bulls were robbed of opportunity after suffering an ACL tear in the 2012 playoffs.

Since then, Rose's career has spiraled out of control with injuries, to the point where his future in the NBA itself was being doubted by the community.

Somehow Rose managed to rebound in Minnesota. He's averaging 18.9 points per game on 48% shooting, his highest marks since 2012. Something has sparked some life into Rose, and he looks almost about as good as he did his first few years in the NBA.

So when the first return on this season's All-Star game voting went public, it marked a huge milestone on his incredible comeback. When speaking about it, he got emotional.

There's still a lot of time to vote left, so let's not assume Rose just gets in. After all, he's currently above some pretty high-profile names.

Still, the fact that these many fans are voting for Rose really shows how much they've loved seeing him perform at a high level again. It's truly one of the NBA's most amazing stories.