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Derrick Rose: “I Don't Dunk Or Jump High Anymore. I’m Not Killing You With Speed Nor Am I A One Man Fastbreak Anymore..."

Derrick Rose- “I Don't Dunk Or Jump High Anymore. I’m Not Killing You With Speed Nor Am I A One Man Fastbreak Anymore..."

New York Knicks star Derrick Rose is still a quality point guard in this league -- but he's not what he was years ago.

If you look back at his days with the Bulls, it's clear that he's just not the same player he used to be, and he knows it.

In a recent post on Facebook, the former MVP reflected on his past and the journey that has brought him to where he is now.

Imagine having your dream job or working for a company for 10 plus yrs... Blood, sweat and tears and somebody from another company approach you and say ...Hey... you look like your vintage self today LMAO. You don't know them at all and they think they know you becuz they watched you perform a lil bit from a far. The shit would throw you off right??? You had your ups and downs in the company right! You’re human! But WHAT if the numbers say you were more efficient that year... WHAT if you’re a totally different player! It's nothing VINTAGE about my game but my floaters. I don't dunk or jump high anymore. 

I’m not killing u with speed nor am I a one man fastbreak anymore. I don't even shoot my reverse layups lol. I'm a totally different player. I love chess so I would put it this way... I lost my Queen early in the game but I fought my fuckin way back to get one of my pawns down the board to get her back. If you know chess... that's a very hard process to achieve and if you really know how to play you know even the master games are won with few pieces on the board and it's about strategy, heart and skill. It's cool to say I still hoop a lil I been fighting through shit my whole life. I'm smiling through it becuz I been through the hardest shit. That was growing up piss poor in Chi and nobody didn't understand my pain and dreams but me. Vintage or not... I’m extremely Blessed and Skilled.

On one hand, it's easy to miss who DRose used to be -- the high-flying superstar that led the Bulls to some of their best seasons in modern league history.

The injuries that eventually brought him down can only really be described as unfortunate and quite tragic.

Still, you have to respect the perseverance and the fact that the star guard is still an active and highly competitive player after so many battles against his own body.

Now in New York, as a part of an exciting resurgence, he has the chance to usher in a new legacy for himself and his team over the next few weeks.

No doubt, he'll have plenty of fans cheering him on along the way.