Derrick Rose On Clint Capela Trash Talk: "I'm 32 Years Old. I Never Talked S**t Like That In My Life And I'm Not Going To Start Now. I'm Too Old For That S**t."

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Derrick Rose's second run in New York has widely been viewed as successful. He has been an impactful presence ever since the New York Knicks traded for him, and was a key part of the Knicks securing a playoff berth for the first time since the Carmelo Anthony era. Derrick Rose is widely respected around the league, as well as in the New York Knicks' locker room.

Despite Rose's best efforts, the New York Knicks are now down 1-3 against the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks have a commanding lead on the series and have looked like the better team by far. Hawks' center Clint Capela has recently taken a shot at the New York Knicks and stated that the Hawks would send the Knicks on vacation. When asked about Capela's words, Derrick Rose revealed that he is too old to trash talk like that.

Trash talk can often be part of a competitive setting, but it looks like Derrick Rose will not be engaging in it. There is no doubt that the New York Knicks are in a dire situation against the Hawks, but perhaps they could get back into the series. We've seen teams lose 3-1 leads before, and there were multiple blown 3-1 leads during the 2019-20 playoffs. If the New York Knicks do come back, Derrick Rose will be one of the key contributors.