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Derrick Rose On His Career: 'It's My 12th Year. I Went To Hell And Back. I Was Down. I Was Out. But The Story Is Bigger Than Me.'

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Derrick Rose is one of the biggest 'what ifs' in NBA history. Just when he was starting his career, Rose suffered a career-altering injuring that damaged his plans to become the new hope of the Chicago Bulls. Rose was rising to stardom, he hadn't even reached his peak and was already an MVP award winner. The Detroit Pistons point guard knows his story could have been a lot better, but he's not focused on the bad.

Rose recently starred in a video sponsored by Adidas, reflecting on his career, fight for equality and his personal attempts to raise awareness about the problems that black people face every day. He talked about his career and how a series of severe knee injuries prevented him from fulfilling his potential and become the superstar he was expected to be.

Rose isn't too worried about it now, he recalled how he felt at that moment and how he overcame that situation.

"It's my 12th year. I went to hell and back. I was down. I was out. But the story is bigger than me."

The player also said that basketball has given him opportunities to reach more people and touch them 'in ways he can't explain.'

“This is a way for me to express myself,” he said of basketball. “My biggest thing was like, I wanted to make sure everybody was equal, that we’re all on the same page… My platform of basketball has given me the chance to touch others in another way that I can’t even explain.”

D-Rose is a real one. One of the most beloved players in the NBA and his will to keep pushing again adversities is something bigger than whatever injury he might have suffered in the past. He deserves all the respect in the world and the NBA ring. Fans can't wait before he becomes a champion but we don't know when that moment will happen.

He has been linked with the Los Angeles Lakers in recent days, but nothing is certain right now.