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Derrick Rose On How Tom Thibodeau Saved His Career

Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Rose is clearly at a turning point in his storied NBA career. After years of struggle, heartbreak, and injury, Rose has been on a tear of late, averaging 18.9 points per game off the bench for the Timberwolves this season.

This resurgence has him racking up votes in the upcoming All-Star game, but it also has him lighting up the doubters, who even now are saying that Rose's stellar play is only just a result of being reunited with Tom Thibodeau. The star made known his appreciation for Thibs, and he made sure to let the world know that he still has all the confidence in the world in his abilities.

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"I have a lot of confidence in myself," Rose said. "Thibs was just the coach that believed in me. He jump-started my career again and for that I'll always be thankful, but for everybody that think that it's going to stop, kill yourself."

"He was the only coach that believed in me," Rose said. "Right when I got the call, I was in Cleveland practicing at Cleveland State, by myself, with me and my little guy Art. It was me and him in the gym, by ourselves, five days a week.

"I had a kid at that time, my baby girl. And no teams wasn't looking for me at all. I was basically out of the league. And even coming here, everybody didn't know I was gonna play this way. Like, [Thibodeau] believed me. I believed in myself. My family believed in me. And my little guy Art believed in me. And we got it done. But like I said, think that I'm not gonna play the same way, kill yourself, because I believe in myself."

He later apologized for the aggressive language, but the point still stands. Rose always knew he could play, it only took one guy to believe in him.

It's good to hear Rose speak so confidently again. He appears to have regained his swagger and confidence. Hopefully, it will continue to translate into good performances for him.

No matter what happens though, some credit must be given to Coach Thibs, who got exiled from the Wolves yesterday, for giving Derrick Rose another chance after everything that happened.