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Derrick Rose Posts Long Instagram Post On Kanye West: "People Hate On Him But Deeeeeep Down You Know It’s Inspiring."

(via @drose)

(via @drose)

On Friday, NBA star Derrick Rose wrote a long and heartfelt message to a close friend: Kanye West.

And while West and Rose haven't been seen together too often, it's clear that they have a real, lasting friendship. Here's what the Knicks guard posted on IG, clearly showing the insane level of appreciation he has for him:

“He’s from Chicago and we are use to people trying to shit on us. The environment is full of THAT hate you showed. Who really cares if it’s 1 or 6 BILLION lol. He represents Black Opulence and we love Ye for that and always will. People hate on him but deeeeeep down you know it’s inspiring. Peace and love King."

Kanye West is one of the world's most famous artists, most known for his music, but also for his rather intriguing personality. With a natural affinity for understanding humans and emotions, he's highly idealistic and very creative.

While Kanye can often get criticized for sharing some of his ideas and beliefs, Rose is one guy who has grown to appreciate it, and it's pretty cool to see how close they have become.