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Derrick Rose Says He Wants To Emulate What Jimmy Butler Did In Miami With His Pistons

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Derrick Rose has spent the last couple of seasons trying to recover something of the player he once was. Well, last season he demonstrated he's still a walking bucket with the Detroit Pistons and this year he wants to take things to the next level. Rose, one of the most beloved players in the league, has expressed his desire to do something similar to what his former teammate Jimmy Butler did in Miami.

Curiously, these two players wandered around the league since they left the Chicago Bulls but last season things went a lot better for them both. Of course, Rose didn't play in the Finals like Butler, but he proved his value in the league in Detroit. Now he wants to serve as a mentor and lead his team to the Finals, just like Butler did with the talented Heat.

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“I look at that and I look at our team, we have the same thing,” he said. “We have a lot of young guys” that he and Griffin can lead. “It’s up to them how good they want to become. We’ll do as much as we can do to push them and set an example.”

That seems to be a hard job to carry out for Rose and Blake Griffin. The Heat had really good players last season but this one, things have changed a lot. There won't be a bubble and the rest of the teams improved their rosters, making things hard for the Pistons and their two leaders. It's admirable what Rose wants to do, but saying it and doing it are very different things.