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Derrick Rose Says It's "Not Hard" To Think About Return To Chicago



For Derrick Rose, it all started in Chicago. He was born there, raised there, and drafted there as the #1 overall pick in the 2008 draft. It was there that he cemented himself as a star, and there that became the youngest MVP in NBA history.

It was also in Chicago that things began to fall apart. In the spring of 2012 Rose tore his ACL, marking the beginning of a long and painful string of injuries that likely cost him a Championship.

Eventually, he moved on to New York, then Cleveland, then Minnesota, and now Detroit. So far this season, after all those years of battles, the 31-year-old guard seems to be finally hitting his stride.

And in the midst of his team's visit to Chicago, he talked about a potential return, to complete the unfinished business he left behind all those years ago...

“It’s not hard for me to think about that,” Rose said, via the Chicago Tribune. “But it’s not up to me to determine that. It’s up to the front office and Jerry (Reinsdorf). I mean, I’m from here, so who wouldn’t want their jersey up with Mike (Jordan) and everyone up there.”

Rose has hinted at his desire to return before, as recently as last season in Minnesota.

“There’s no secret, there’s no doubt that in his heart, Chicago will always be there. We’ll see. I don’t know what the Bulls are going to do at this particular time … If it presented itself, we’d be open to that conversation.”

The Bulls have yet to express interest in Rose, and it makes sense from a basketball standpoint. With the majority of their roster being in their first few seasons, the Bulls are in the middle of a youth movement -- with little room for 30-year-old guards.

Nevertheless, the return of DRose would be a swan song too great to pass up, especially if he continues to shine.

We know that Rose is eyeballing the city again, but will the Bulls match that feeling?