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Derrick Rose Tells Dwight Howard To Be Patient On Return From "Rock Bottom"

(via CBS Sports)

(via CBS Sports)

If there's anyone who knows how to rebound from the bottom, it's Derrick Rose. Following a dominant MVP season, the young guard suffered a devastating ACL injury that sidelined him for the entirety of the 2012-13 season. A string of additional injuries followed, with each taking a significant chunk from Rose's game and basketball youth.

At one point during his season with the Knicks, and the Cavs the following year, he contemplated retirement as his cycle of injury and rehab seemed to be neverending.

While a built less dramatic, Dwight's story is similar in that he fell from stardom to hard times, being exiled from multiple teams over the years.

Rose's message to his fellow fallen-colleague? Patience.

Howard was given another chance with the Lakers. With no guaranteed salary, and a warning to stay out of trouble, the former Defensive Player of the Year will have to prove himself to the Lakers and the rest of the team if he wants to stick around.

Rose's message of patience seems like a wise one. Howard has to resist rushing himself and his standards this upcoming season.