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Derrick Rose Was On The Court For Paul George, Gordon Hayward And Caris Levert Scary Injuries

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Derrick Rose is playing the best basketball of his career since he went down with his ACL tear in 2012. He’s averaging 19.2 points and 4.8 assists through 13 games and scored his career high of 50 in a game vs the Jazz.

This is the story of the season so far; the youngest MVP in league history fighting back after years of injuries and setbacks and it’s just amazing to watch. The heart and determination Rose is showing should inspire anyone who has faced adversity to continue struggling because you will reach your goals.

Rose knows all about facing adversity due to an injury. What’s interesting to note is that he has also been a spectator for 3 other serious leg injuries that have sat out player for an entire season. He was present when Paul George broke his leg playing for Team USA. He was present when Gordon Hayward broke his leg vs the Cavs on opening night last year and he was present when Caris Levert broke his leg on Tuesday.

According to redditor user ridiguluz, Derrick Rose was on the court for Paul George

It was just something I realised after hearing about Caris LeVert tonight. Derrick Rose was firsthand witness to all. He was at the Team USA exhibition game in Vegas, the Celtics-Cavs game last year, and the Wolves-Nets game tonight. Can't imagine witnessing something so gruesome three times in his basketball career. I hope Caris has a speedy recovery.

Credit: Mundo NBA

Credit: Mundo NBA

Hopefully Rose reaches out to Levert to reassure him that, although the future will be tough, with the right attitude he can overcome this. The league is a brotherhood and this where that special bond between players shines through.

If you want to watch all 3 videos, you can check below.

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