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Derrick Rose's One On One Interview Following His 50 Point Game


It seems like forever ago that we witnessed Derrick Rose become the youngest MVP in NBA History.

Since then, a barrage of injuries have sidelined what was once a promising career. It stopped becoming about how many MVPs the guy would win, but about how many games he'd even get to play.

That's why when he scored a career-high 50 points on Wednesday night, it took the world by storm.

Here's what he said about his miraculous performance:

(via's Nick Friedell)

"I'm making history right now. Like every time I touch the court is history. That's how I feel about it right. And I feel like my fans and the people that watch, they can relate in some way. I mean the people that really care about me. You have people that talk s--t here and there but they're the ones that that's following my story and the ones that's writing about my story. So who cares what they say. They just got to keep watching and keep writing."

It's so good to see Rose start blossoming again.

Somehow, after everything, he's still got something left in him. And not only does he have it, he intends to show it.

The other night was just the start of what he hopes to be a historic end to his storied career.